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I've gotten lazy.

2012-11-12 20:42:02 by krazyfro2

Well, for those few fans I have, I've become a bit lazy. I haven't submitted anything for I don't even know how long! That's not to say I haven't made anything, I just haven't get around to posting it anywhere yet. Plus with me now working with a friend on a video game he's making, me being in charge of music and sounds, I've been focusing on that. Well, time to get back into things~

< Needs improvement.

2012-05-10 17:24:33 by krazyfro2

I've been noticing that my music is missing something, and there's alot more for me to learn. I mean, yeah I don't have FL Studio at my full disposal (Got Demo Version) and I don't play any real instruments, but I still feel I could improve with what I do have. If any musicians out there happen to see this, or anyone with some advice really, I'm open to opinions.

My first post

2010-05-12 20:23:30 by krazyfro2

hiya, i am krazyfro and im hungry, that is all *goes to get doughnuts*